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Our Mission

Stay At Home Docs has partnered with top-tier vendors to support you in establishing your own company, electronic health records system, website, brand, and virtual backoffice team. We want to give physicians the tools to establish and operate their own telemedicine practice, from scheduling to billing.


By partnering with vendors who already provide and support these individual products and services, Stay At Home Docs offers you an integrated, standards-compliant, cloud-based platform for your practice. You will work directly with dedicated experts to develop, customize, and launch your private practice.


Don’t have your own practice yet? We can help you become a Stay At Home Doc. Our team can guide you through company formation, website and brand development, choosing an EHR platform, merchant services, and attracting new patients to your practice. We will also work with you to learn the fundamentals of telemedicine practice management. With Stay At Home Docs, you can Do Good, Do Well, and Be Well.



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