Tom Trelvik

Director of Services and Support


Tom Trelvik (he/him) has an extensive background in server and network engineering, having helped manage and upgrade university scale networks, and countless web, mail, and other types of servers. But he’s also spent part of his career in education related roles, including being a stay-at-home dad, a preschool teacher, a middle school science teacher, and an English teacher in Japan. These experiences all come together in a passion for helping others find technical solutions that can improve their lives and learn more about what they can do with the tools available to them. He’s excited to be helping our clients build out their digital infrastructure for their private practice in a no-stress way that lets them better focus on their patients, their business, and their personal lives.


Systems Administration and IT
Network Engineering
Email and Spam Prevention
Telephony and VoIP
Information Security and Compliance
Technical Support

Contact info

+1 (863) 296-2924
Maryland, USA